News from amongst the bushes. Accuracy cannot be guaranteed.

Contact: paudgemcgaudge@yahoo.co.uk


1fdd506af1d416acf6beb29203f1b5a0Gombeen (77). A semi-retired spoon-player. Loves beetroot and classical music.





Shengas McGlumphie (71). Homeless ex-juggler with an eye for a story.





Pat Muckles (88). 1944 Rose of Tralee escort.

Minolta DSC

  1. Paddy Pollyarney

    tyrone is shite


  2. Paddy Pollyarney

    Strabane is really shite


  3. nice one. keep ‘er lit and take it handy.


  4. Hi lads, have you a contact email?


  5. What happen to CSI Stewartstown?


  6. Dear Mr O’Neills and assorted Gerard Quinns, we in South Derry find ourselves in the embarrassing position of no longer having any need of Moneymore, Ballyronan and something called ‘The Loup’.

    If you would like to have them back now, no money need exchange hands. I appreciate that you might view the aforementioned as spoiled goods but think of them as ‘damaged/repairables’ or even break them up for spare parts.

    Please also be advised that a smooth transition now might very well lead to us looking at the eventual transfer of the entire Barony of Loughinsholinn. (We may keep Bellaghy for potential poetry and flags)

    Yours, well not your’s just yet.

    Portglenone. (Which is in Anrtim) (Mostly)


  7. Karolyn Cooper

    You do a great job for Tyrone. Maybe County Down needs a similar news site. On the other hand, our real news may be mad enough, with dangerous wallabies on the loose.


  8. More power to ye. Regards from Thom at the immortal jukebox.


  9. Love it!Keep up the good work…….real cutting edge news reporting at last!


  10. Good honest news, nearly wet meself! Thanks Tyrone!


  11. Sebastian Eggert

    Greetings from the Untied States of Analgesia (USA),

    Some of us whose relatives had the good sense to immigrate from your county a few centuries ago have been following your shenanigans with great admiration. Perhaps, should you be released early for good behavior (unlikely, I suppose) there would be a place for the lot of you here in the Land ‘O Plenty (o’ bullcrap). We need more truth tellers like you! The National Lampoon and the Onion pull their punches, and Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are a couple of pikers, as you probably know. So-have at it, lads! See you at the Statue.


    Seamless McTrousers

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Good evening everyone, I want to ask you all for your help please.I swear to God that I am telling the truth and whether you know Mrs.Margaretu Loughrey won the lottery and urgent and very important is that I have to find you and because of you all Ask for help if you contact me on my email address please.Please consider this comment seriously and this is no joke, you know, and I hope that any of you know a contact number or email address Mrs.Margarete please.Only Mrs.Margareta Loughrey can to save human life and that’s it, and please let me know if you find out what people please dear.Mrs.Margareta Loughrey lives in Strabane, County Tyrone that you and I hope you will contact me if you find out what or who you know and this is my email address: nerminrasidovic@yahoo.com
    Please if you know what to answer to my e-mail address and greetings to all of you once again.Good night. . .


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