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Tyrone Celebrity Foursome Fail To Complete Charity Single. Donkey Sanctuary Deprived.

The difficult bit

The difficult bit

1fdd506af1d416acf6beb29203f1b5a0By Gombeen

A recently opened donkey sanctuary in Donaghmore was reeling at the news this morning that the anticipated windfall from a charity single may not now happen after all. Local celebrities Malachi Cush, Lynette Fay, Conor Grimes and Janet Devlin were due to release a local version of ‘Making Your Mind Up’ by Bucks Fizz with the proceeds going to help the Donaghmore Donkey Sanctuary get off the ground. The stumbling block appears to concern the part of the song where the male members whip the long skirts off the female singers to reveal a shorter skirt. Artistic director Johnny Quinn explained:

“Cush and Grimes seem to have gotten together beforehand and worked out how to rip both skirts off in the one go to reveal just the tights the two girls were wearing underneath. The first time it happened we all fell about laughing. The girls thought it was a quare laugh. The second time we giggled again but after the 3rd, 4th and 5th takes it was just the two lads laughing. To be honest we were all a bit hacked off after the 10th time.”

Despite protestations to get the song and video finished and into the UK charts by the weekend, Grimes and Cush were still at their stunt on the 25th attempt to get past that part of the song.

“Whilst I admire their persistence, it was deadly annoying. They were giggling away to each other whilst Fay and Devlin were getting a right foundering. We called it a day on the 60th attempt. The Donkey Sanctuary won’t be getting their money for hay this week. We’ll maybe try a new song next week but after the punch Fay gave Grimes as they left the building, relationships might need to be rebuilt.”

The Donaghmore Donkey Sanctuary said that whilst they’re disappointed the single hasn’t made the charts, there’s no big rush as no one had brought a stray donkey in yet.


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