Police Outlaw East Tyrone ‘How’s She Cuttin’ In-Car Hand Gesture

The cuttin sign

The cuttin sign

The PSNI today announced that, from June 1st 2021, anyone seen spreading their fingers out wide up against their windscreen in a ‘how’s she cuttin’ manner as they meet another motorist will have 6 points added to their licence as well as face a £300 on the spot fine.

Since cars were first used in the lowlands in 1972, motorists from Moortown down to Derrytresk have greeted each other with the ninety degree hand gesture. It is only in recent years that passengers have joined in on the greeting, making driving somewhat treacherous according to Chief Constable Kitty O’Hare:

“It’s just too dangerous. I was attending a disagreement over access to a field in Drumurrer last week and kept an eye on the amount of cars offering their greetings to the arguing farmers. One car passed by and as well as the driver and passenger giving the ‘cuttin’ sign, three children in the back leapt forward into the front to add their ‘hello’. So, there were five hands spread out over the windscreen. How can anyone drive like that? We’ll be running courses in the near future for all motorists east of Cookstown to take which will promote simply raising your finger on the steering wheel and nodding.”

Locals have reacted strongly to the news. Brocagh cat neuterer Harry Turner says he’ll not be changing.

“My father and my father’s father gave the ‘cuttin’ sign on the windscreen. I myself have used two hands if I really liked the person. The police would serve their time better out chasing the perverts down at the Washingbay watching the women bathing in the Lough.”

Constable O’Hare also suggested coming up with a new greeting and will be calling in to homes starting at Tamnamore next week.

“Think about it – ‘How’s she cuttin’ and the reply ‘rightly’ makes no sense at all. Apparently the ‘cuttin’ thing is farmer talk dating back 100 years ago when farmers would discuss how good their wives were at cutting up the potatoes. We’re suggesting it’s replaced with ‘Greetings and Salutations’, with the reply ‘Why, thank you sir’.”

Harry Turner, when asked if he’ll buy into the new language, simply said ‘away te feck’.


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  1. When you head up to ‘The Port’ on a Sunday, its called ‘The Dool’ (a forehand or back hand)…. and the PSNI will be makin’ a fortune at £300 a rattle!


  2. Not sure if there’s a name for it in East Tyrone.


  3. Load a bollocks


  4. samuel butler

    Ive been doing this for years and my father and uncles do it also ill still be doing the SHAM hand if I see a friend passing on the road. It’s not dangerous at all!!!!! This has to be the most stupid thing I have ever heard go and find the real criminals and do what the tax payers are paying you for .


  5. I do this all the time sometimes with both hands so does this mean I get 12 points lol pity they don’t open their eyes and see all the people driving while using mobile phones but maybe if they waved using the how’s she cutting gesture the psni mite see them 🙂 good job I use hands free as I would not be able to wave to my friends wile on the phone 😉


  6. ’tis called, giving five grand up in our country, sometimes we goes as far as to give ten grands (Two hands), Allow there was an odd quarter panel lost till that craic, ’tis reference to cutting silage or corn in the days of yore. Now your sucking Diesel.


  7. catherine + louise

    Loads of shittt… Actually can’t believe I’ve read that. Is this what were paying our tax money for yous to make up rules like that DISGRACE. Any excuse to aggravate the public……


  8. We must stay calm, people.


  9. they enforce the law not make the law, if you can prove its dangerous fair enough, but not because some lazy sod at the management end of the traffic branch is bored and needing something to but his/ her stamp on


  10. i haven’t laughed so much, think i will just be using “hand gestures” we used to cops mainly in 70’s n 80’s. Gombeen ur sum craic, stay calm me arse,, No Surrender 🙂


  11. Emma Bingham

    Cant believe i am reading this!! There are more important things out there for the police to attend never people waving. This is frikin joke!! :@


  12. I don’t know what’s funnier – the story or the idiots who think its real!


  13. James McCuskey

    Never heard worse


  14. Great talk now that you won’t be allowed to use wipers in rain as they could be confused with the how’s she cutting gesture and your gona have to rub your windscreen with a half spud if rain is forecast


  15. Some1 should put this in the papers and news 2 say we have been doing this for years it’s what are parents did and granparents did sicking the police if they,d go catch people 4 murder and all that and leave drivers alone


  16. Hilarious, have to agree with Stephen. I’m off to check gombeen’s other posts after reading that.


  17. As a towny I understood from my feral country cousins that the correct response to “How’ she cutting?” is ” Full of the blade.” This was of course an oral tradition as they cannot write but could one of the literate please elucidate?


  18. I am afraid that the how’s she cuttin hand photo is not accurate, one must have the hand inverted towards the chest more acutely, this is what gives the ” How she cuttin ” technique the rural and country feel, I can send in photo if you all wish and for the real multch, add in tongue sticking out of the side of the mouth and your there….. yeeha !!!!!!


  19. I near pmsl laughin wen I read that get a life u wasters.. Takin people 4 puttin the handy catch a grip scum bags


  20. The correct response to “how’s she cuttin ??? is “full o” the blade ” !!!!


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