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Tyrone Kangaroo Spotted On Bus To Trillick Wearing Checked Shirt And Brown Shoes

Animal experts are fearing the worst after the escaped kangaroo was spotted giving people the how’s she cutting hand gesture through the window of an Ulster Bus and listening to Garth Brooks on a Sony Walkman.

Peter Campbell, a professor of Kangarooism at Ulster University, maintains he feared the marsupial could be Tyronised if not caught within 24 hours:

“Unfortunately the news isn’t good. I have just received word that the kangaroo was also spotted outside O’Neills and was sizing up a county half-zip whilst eating corned beef from the tin. The transformation might already be too late to reverse.”

In 1984 a wombat escaped in Brocagh and ended up running a poitin distillery at the loughshore and playing corner back for the Windmill. It was sent off three times in one game versus Dregish and was eventually jailed after a fight outside Mountjoy Castle.

UPDATE: The Kangaroo has been recovered and is currently undergoing a reversal procedure. Handlers have decided to let it keep the picture of Harry McClure.

Suspect Fraudulent Claims Rocks Greencastle Farming Community

A common sight in Greencastle?

A common sight in Greencastle?

Government officials today were refusing to comment on the news that upwards on 150 claims are to be investigated by the ‘Bad Snow Compensation Bureau’. The Bureau were alerted to the possible misdemeanors after a zoo official, who was in their office registering a personal snow-plough, indicated that there were definitely no giraffes in Greencastle. Farmers were invited last month to forward a list of animals they may have lost in the drifting snow in the hope that some compensation would ease their financial losses. The Bad Snow Compensation Bureau’s Johnny Bingham explained:

“We received an unusually large quota of claims from the Greencastle area in the immediate aftermath of the recent snowfall regarding the loss of a vast array of animals not really seen that often around the bottom of the Sperrins. Farmer Devlin claims he lost 33 ostriches and an elephant in the snowdrift. A neighbour, Johnny ‘the yellow boy’ McCullagh, maintains the extreme weather cost him three giraffes, two alligators and four kangaroos. I know the snowdrifts were unusually high but the giraffe is stretching the imagination a bit. Add to that the fact that no one had ever seen a giraffe in the area and it’s beginning to look a bit dubious.”

McCullagh is still adamant he is a few exotic animals down after the snow and explains why locals had never spotted them before the tragdey:

“What does it matter if these people hadn’t seen the giraffes? People here in passing would just put them down as big horses. The two alligators were fairly camouflaged so I can explain that one away. The kangaroos are private individuals and brilliant at avoiding detection. I’m fairly gutted about their disappearance to be honest.”

When pressed on the fact the coyote noises coming from the barn were quite obviously his wife and children faking it and that no animal was recovered when the snow melted, McCullagh muttered something about them being in heaven and to get off his land. Devlin and McCullagh stand to receive £300’000 if successful. John Teague’s claim for a missing wooly mammoth wasn’t even processed.

Wooly mammoth and the Sperrins?

Wooly mammoth and the Sperrins?

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