Tattyreagh Man Dresses Up As He-Man In Court, Wife As She-Ra. Charges Dropped.

Tattyreagh's finest

Tattyreagh’s finest

Borrowing inspiration from Willie Frazer’s fancy dress stunt in Belfast today, Tattyreagh duo Peter and Mary McBride donned the costumes of 1980s cartoon heroes He-Man and She-Ra in Omagh Court today in an attempt to overturn the repossession of their house on the Blackfort Road, after nine months of eviction notices due to non-payment of mortgage.

Peter McBride, a 52-year downhill gardener, explained his decision:

“You know, if it’s good enough for Willie and Jamie it’s good enough for my Mary and me. We studied the law last night and came to the conclusion that in Masters Of the Universe and She-Ra:Princess Of Power, there was no indication that the villain-catching duo ever met their mortgage payments on Castle Grayskull. In fact, quite the opposite. There didn’t seem to be any income coming in and the government seemed to be happy enough as long as they kept Skeletor at bay. There can’t be one rule for fictional cartoon heroes and another for common gardeners.”

Judge Sheila Smilie backed the McBrides’ plea, stating that TV producers need to show more responsibility in their programming before we have Wombles, Sooty and Sweep as well as Bungle from Rainbow all turning up getting off petty crime.

Peter McBride admitted he was surprised things turned out favourably:

“By the power of Grayskull, I thought we’d be laughed out of it. We’re away to celebrate with a cheesy chip.”

….before exclaiming “I Have The Power” and raising his walking stick into the Autumnal Omagh air.


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